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Please welcome our new foster coordinator! 

The Bridge Between Animal Rescue is so excited to share that we have added Niykee Shriver as our new foster coordinator! I have watched this rescue grow tremendously, and have wanted to bring in more administration help so that we can continue to operate efficiently. The universe miraculously sent me Niykee when I messaged her on Facebook about buying used crates she was selling! I quickly learned she had a ton of experience in the rescue world, and she so happened to be ready to jump back in.

Niykee has been a superhuman when it comes to her rescue contributions. She has not only helped The Bridge Between tremendously these last few months, but has also been a huge rescue advocate for our community. She advocates, educates, networks, and is always communicating efficiently. Her passion for animal rescue, her experience with fostering, and her efficient organization skills made her a top candidate for this position with our rescue.

In addition to her time spent with her 6 personal dogs, her fosters, and her career, she is also the new social media manager for one of our partner shelters. We are so excited that she is willing to accept the role as our foster coordinator to continue to make big moves for our rescue and our community, and help us work even more closely with Colleton County Animal Shelter as a shelter partner.

Fosters will now have two people - Niykee and myself - to assist through their fostering experience. We can't wait for our program to grow and improve!

- Carly 


What to expect as a BBAR Foster
(scroll down for foster application)

Fostering animals in need is a very rewarding experience! We are a foster based rescue, meaning we can only save animals if we have a foster home for them. We welcome experienced fosters or first timers. Apply to foster with us by filling out the application (accessible by clicking the button to the right)! Processing your application can take a few days, so please be patient. We highly encourage you to email our foster coordinator upon finishing your application. You can reach Niykee at


 Once your application has been approved, you will be added to our foster group on Facebook and/or instagram. 

- Must be 18 years or older

- All pets in the home must be up to date on vaccinations and preventions

- All pets in the home must be spayed/neutered (exceptions made for pets that are not old enough). 

- Must have permission to foster from landlord/homeowner if applicable.

When fostering, all supplies, medical costs, or any fees associated with the animal will be covered by or provided by the rescue. Fostering can range from weeks to months depending on the animal's needs. We work hard to match fosters with families that have certain requirements or time restrictions. Long term fostering is a big commitment, which is why temporary fosters and transporters are so important! If you can't take on a foster for a long period of time, consider temporarily fostering or helping with transportation to help long term fosters when they need accommodations. 

Want to foster a dog, but you're not sure what to expect? Read our blog post: What to Expect When You Foster a Dog. 

saves lives!

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